Everill Gate Lane Warehouse – Update

Everill Gate Lane Warehouse – Update

Tuesday 3rd May 2022 and we take our first full delivery into the new Everill Gate Lane warehouse.

In-bound shipment was 22 x IBC of Triacetin and this is now ready for onward supply to our customers.

All of our non-hazardous portfolio will now transition to Everill Gate Lane.

Big thank you to many of our service providers who have helped us get to this stage:-

  • NPM Zenith – building contractors
  • Bradfield Storage – racking
  • KDR Resins – industrial flooring
  • N & D Mower – electrical contractors
  • OSI – office furniture
  • Briggs – forklift, reach truck, ride-on floor sweeper

This project has been >12 months in the planning and delivery, so hugely satisfying to see the end result.