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Delivering all the chemicals you need for the coatings, adhesives and construction industries

As an industrial chemical supplier and distributor, Ravago Chemicals UK has expertise in providing specialist chemical solutions. We supply specialist chemistry to the surface coatings, adhesives, construction and allied industries throughout the UK and Ireland. We also stock a wide range of material solutions for leather, textiles and carpet.

Specialist chemical supplier

Our customers are typically producers of paints, varnishes, printing inks, adhesives and building products and range from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. We also supply companies who manufacture a wider variety of surface coatings such as those used for textiles and leather.

Technical expertise

We pride ourselves in offering more than just chemical formulations and raw materials. Our focus is on providing local market insight and technical expertise at every stage of product development. Our in-depth knowledge of specialist chemicals and their applications enables us to provide tailored solutions for specific surface coatings and adhesives formulations.

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