Charity Sponsorship – Wombwell Main

Charity Sponsorship – Wombwell Main

One of the key values for Ravago is Human Focus. This is why Ravago Chemicals UK are delighted that we can support our chosen local charity, Wombwell Main.

We moved into our new facility here in April 2022 and put chemicals on the map, but actually if you look at the history of the local area, it doesn’t take long to see we are sharing our story with a region that was a key industrial area for coal mining and chemical production.

Wombwell Main coal mine was formed in 1853 and is ~1 kilometre from our Everill Gate Lane site. The main business was coal mining and this developed into coke production (essential for steel production) and chemical by-products such as Methanol.

As more modern and cleaner technologies have superseded fossil fuels such as coal, the UK coal mining industry came to a closure in the mid-1990’s.

Many residents within the local community would have had relations and friends who worked within the  industry and it is still talked about today. Wombwell Main Club is the central community hub where people across all age groups and abilities, meet to socialise, play sport, keep fit, etc.

  • Interesting fact #1 – Wombwell Main played in The FA Cup in season 1908-09
  • Interesting fact #2 – Mark Jones, a Manchester United player and Busby Babe who died in the Munich air disaster 1958, was born in Wombwell
  • Interesting fact #3 – Historical evidence dates Wombwell back to mid Stone Age