Portfolio Addition – DI-BASIC ESTER

Portfolio Addition – DI-BASIC ESTER

Ravago Chemicals UK are pleased to announce a new addition to our growing portfolio โ€“ Di-basic Ester (commonly known as DBE).

DBE is used in many applications such as:-

  • graffiti removers
  • paint strippers
  • industrial cleaning solutions
  • automotive coatings
  • industrial coatings
  • coil coatings
  • printing inks
  • agrochemical soil stabilization
  • household and industrial liquid detergents / cleaners

DBE is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and quickly biodegrading โ€“ all factors leading to an environmentally-friendly formulation options. Easily soluble in alcohol and only slightly soluble in water, DBE is colorless, clear with a characteristic fruity odor.

Please contact us for further information and samples